Friday, 19 May 2017


ISAY LEVIN (b. February 22, 1917)
            He was born in Petrograd, the son of the editor of Di tsayt (The times) in Vilna, Khayim Levin.  He attended the middle school of A. A. Vigodski and S. M. Gurevitsh.  After receiving his baccalaureate degree, he joined the history faculty of Vilna University and worked on materials concerning Polish Jewish history.  At the same time, he engaged in journalistic work.  He was a cofounder of the daily newspaper Di tsayt [obviously, not the one his father was editing earlier—JAF] and of a series of Polish-Yiddish and Polish publications.

Source: Leyzer Ran, 25 yor yung vilne (Twenty-five years of Young Vilna) (New York, 1955).
Leyzer Ran

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