Tuesday 9 October 2018


            He was born in Krinki (Krynki), near Bialystok, Poland, into a laboring family.  He studied in religious elementary school and secular subject matter in private, later working in a tannery.  He moved to Bialystok, there debuted in print with a novella in Dos naye lebn (The new life), edited by P. Kaplan in Bialystok, and from there published in this newspaper from time to time poetry and stories on themes drawn from poverty.  He contributed to the jubilee issue of Dos naye lebn in 1929, to Byalistoker almanakh (Bialystok almanac) in 1931, and elsewhere.  He was also the correspondent for the New York-based Frayhayt (Freedom).  He later departed for Minsk, where he became a member of the editorial board of Oktaybr (October) there.  He died in the Soviet Union.

Sources: Jubilee issue of Dos naye lebn (Bialystok) (1919-1929); Byalistoker almanakh (Bialystok) (1931); Shmerke Katsherginski, Tsvishn hamer un serp (Between hammer and sickle) (Paris, 1949); Byalistok, bilder album fun a barimter shtot un ire iden iber der velt (Bialystok, a photo album of the famed city and its Jews throughout the world) (New York, 1951); A. Zbar, in Byalistoker shtime (New York) (1954).
Yankev Kahan

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