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ARN FAYERMAN (October 18, 1896-August 25, 1975)
            He was born in Felshtin, Podolia district, Ukraine.  He studied in religious primary school, in an Odessa yeshiva, and in a high school as well.  He began writing at age twelve.  He debuted in print with a story entitled “Aleyn” (Alone) in Folkstsaytung (People’s newspaper) in October 1920.  In 1922 he emigrated to Argentina.  He contributed to: Di prese (The press), Far groys un kleyn (For big and small), and Der shpigl (The mirror), among others.  In Córdoba he edited a weekly newspaper Kordober lebn (Córdoba life) (May-December 1928).  In book form: Iz gekumen a yid in vald, idish-argentinisher roman (A Jew came to the forest, an Argentinian Jewish novel) (Buenos Aires, 1945), 146 pp.; and Tsvey shtromen, dertseylungen (Two streams, stories) (Buenos Aires: H. D. Nomberg Writers’ Association, 1954), 167 pp.

Sources: Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort in argentine (The published Yiddish word in Argentina), vol. 1 (Buenos Aires, 1941), pp. 136, 166; Maylekh Ravitsh, in Keneder odler (Montreal) (August 20, 1941); Y. Botoshanski, in Di prese (Buenos Aires) (January 21, 1956); Botoshanski, in Folk un velt (New York) (September 1961).
Leyb Vaserman

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