Monday 1 October 2018


AVROM FORSAYT (FORSYTH) (1883-April 17, 1954)
            He was born in Smorgon, Poland, and later emigrated to the United States.  He served as editor of Smorgon, zamelbukh, 1937 (Smorgon, anthology, 1937) (New York, 1937), 38 pp., and he contributed to Di feder (The pen) in New York, among other venues.  His books include: Bar-kokhba, historisher roman (Bar Kokhba, a historical novel) (New York, 1941), 256 pp.; In roytn gli (In red glow), a novel in three parts about the Russian Revolution of 1917 (New York, 1947), 278 pp.; Tsum likhtikn morgn, historisher roman (To a bright tomorrow, a historical novel) (New York, 1953), 220 pp.  In 1954 he paid a visit to Israel and suddenly died in Jerusalem.

Sources: M. Yofe, in Idisher kemfer (New York) (January 1, 1943); N. Y. Gotlib, in Keneder odler (Montreal) (June 16, 1943); Avrom Reyzen, in Di feder (New York) (1949), p. 229; B. Grobard, in Tsukunft (New York) (December 1953); M. Erdberg-shatan, in Keneder odler (August 23, 1954).
Leyb Vaserman

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