Wednesday 21 June 2017


MORTKHE LERMAN (b. February 29, 1912)
            He was born in Lublin, Poland.  In 1929 he graduated from the humanities high school in Lublin, went on to study chemistry in France, and became an engineer.  During WWII, he lived under German occupation and in Russia.  From 1947 he was back in Paris.  He served as secretary-general of Aḥdut haavoda (Union of labor [Labor Zionists]) in France.  He was also active in the Federation of Jewish Communities and director of the Workers’ Home in Paris.  He published articles in Arbeter-vort (Workers’ word) in Paris (1948), for which he served as editor from 1950.  He was co-editor (with M. Litvin) of Dos bukh fun lublin (The book of Lublin) (Paris, 1952), 720 split pages, for which he wrote the essays: “Lublin, 1914-1939” (Lublin, 1914-1939), “Dos yidishe bank-vezn in Lublin” (Jewish banking in Lublin), and “Hashoymer hatsair in Lublin” (Hashomer Hatsayir in Lublin).  He also wrote under such pen names as: M. Erlikh and M. Ben-Tsvi.  He was last living in Paris.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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