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L. (TSODEK-LEYB) LEVINSON (b. March 17, 1909)
            He was born in Biała Podlaska, Shedlets (Siedlce) district, Poland, into a family that drew its pedigree from the Seer of Lublin.  When he was still young, he moved with his parents to Lublin where he studied in religious elementary school, yeshivas, and with private tutors for secular subject matter.  In 1921 he came to the United States and lived for a time in New York where he completed his education.  From 1925 he was living in Philadelphia.  For many years he was secretary of the Y. L. Perets School, assumed various positions in the Workmen’s Circle, and for a time served as Pennsylvania representative in the national executive of the Workmen’s Circle.  He wrote articles in Dos naye vort (The new word) in Boston (1923-1933), later publishing stories, feature pieces, and articles in Di vokh (The week) (1929-1930), Der veker (The alarm), Forverts (Forward), Khavershaft (Friendship), Zayn (To be), and Kultur un dertsiung (Culture and education), among others, in New York—and in English-language Jewish publications in Philadelphia.  He was a regular contributor and editorial board member of the publications of the Philadelphia Workmen’s Circle schools, such as Unzer yorbukh (Our yearbook) (1944-1961), in which, among other items, he published “Di geshikhte fun di arbeter-ring-shuln in filadelfye” (The history of the Workmen’s Circle schools in Philedelphia), pp. 19-29 in the 1958 volume.  In book form: A rayze keyn pariz, roym un yisroel (A trip to Paris, Rome, and Israel) (Philadelphia: Y. L. Perets School, 1961), 67 pp.  He edited the jubilee publications: H. sigl (H. Sigl) and Brentsh 138 (Branch 138) in Philadelphia.  He also wrote under such pen names as: Lamed-Lamed, L. Leon, Tsodek-Leyb, L. Nasnivyel, and L. Amed, among others.  He was last living in Philadelphia.

Sources: Shul almanakh (School almanac) (Philadelphia, 1935), p. 407; Arbeter ring boyer un tuer (Workmen’s Circle builder and leader) (New York, 1962), p. 224.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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