Monday 12 June 2017


            He came from Lublin, Poland.  He was a private tutor of Yiddish.  He authored storybooks and “novels,” among them: Di dray khaverim oder der nisht oygefirter plan (The three friends or the unaccomplished plan), “a novel in two parts” with poems after each chapter, part 1 (Lublin, 1884), 43 pp., part 2 (Lublin, 1886), 48 pp., with a foreword in which he offers certain biographical information about himself.  He was also the author of Di tsvey kales (The two brides), “a scene from life” (Lublin 1891), 32 pp., and of the booklets of poetry, Shir mitsve (Poem of a good deed) (Lublin, 1885) and Dos lied fun der khasene (Poem from the wedding) (1886), both 16 pp., signed: L. H. m’Lublin.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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