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            He hailed from Podbrodz (Pabrade), Vilna district, Lithuania.  He worked as a private teacher of Hebrew, Russian, and Polish.  He published stories in Tsederboym’s Yudishes folks blatt (Jewish people’s newspaper) in 1885, Spektor’s Familyen-fraynd (Family friend) (Warsaw) in 1887-1888, and elsewhere.  In book form: Rifoel dem shnayders tokhter, oder di shvere mihe (Rafael, the tailor’s daughter, or the difficult trouble), “a splendid novel of Jewish life in two parts” (Vilna, 1888), 150 pp.; Der ataman mit zayn firkhtlikher royber bande in lisaboner vald (The hetman with his band of thieves in the Lisbon woods) (Vilna, 1896), 80 pp.  From Russian he translated L. Levanda’s story Der poylisher magnat (The Polish magnate [original: Pol’skii magnat]), “a true story from the eighteenth century” (Vilna, 1898), 63 pp.  Further biographical details remain unknown.

Sources: Solomon Esbikher (Sholem-Aleykhem), in Yudishe folks-biblyotek (Kiev), vol. 1 (1888), p. 177; Rabi Katsin, in Yudishe folks-biblyotek, vol. 2 (1888), pp. 301-3.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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