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YOYSEF GRINSHPAN (1902-June 26, 1934)
            He was born in Kletsk (Klieck), Byelorussia.  His father was a glazier.  In 1918 he emigrated to Canada, later settling in the United States.  He worked initially as a cobbler, later as a teacher in the schools of the International Workers Order.  He began writing poetry in 1927 in Hamer (Hammer) and in Frayhayt (Freedom).  His longer poems were considered among the very best in American “proletarian” literature.  Among his books: Erev-tsayt (The eve of time) (New York, 1931).  This book consisted of Grinshpan’s poetry collection: Tsvishn vent (Between walls), 75 pp., and Leyb Sobrin’s Tsvishn mentshn (Among men), 50 pp.  He was a member of the editorial collective of Signal (Signal), organ of Proletpen (Proletarian pen).  He composed the text of the oratorio Geviter (Tempest), with music by Yankev Sheyfer.  After his death, his book Lider un poemes (Songs and poems), edited by M. Blekhman (New York, 1937), 199 pp., appeared in print.

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