Monday 12 October 2015


SHAMMAI GRINBERG (b. October 9, 1905)

           He was born in Pinsk, Polesye.  He studied in religious primary school and in a Talmud-Torah, as well as on his own.  From 1923 he was living in Argentina.  In 1928 he settled in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he was active in various cultural institutions.  He was the Uruguay correspondent for Di prese (The press) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He also published in Morgntsaytung (Morning newspaper), Di naye tsayt (The new times), and Undzer tsayt (Our time) in Buenos Aires; and in Undzer vort (Our word), Undzer veg (Our way), Undzer fraynd (Our friend), and Undzer shul (Our school)—all in Montevideo.  He was a member of the editorial board of Folksblat (People’s newspaper) and a co-editor of Dos vort (The word) in Montevideo.  He wrote under such pen names as: Shame Tsipes, Sh. N. Adler, Sh. Verde, Sh. Pinsker, and Sh. Avi-Ver.  He was living in Montevideo.

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