Thursday 15 October 2015


D. GRINSHPAN (b. 1904)
            He was born in a town near Kovno, Lithuania, into a middle class family.  He received both a Jewish and a secular education.  In his youth he began writing nature poetry, and first published in the anthology Vispe (Islet) 2 (Kovno, 1922).  He contributed poetry and translations from Russian and English poets.  In Vispe 3 (1923) he published a number of poems from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass (Grozbleter).  He also placed pieces in: Brikn (Bridges), Shlyakhn (Unpoaved roads), Yidishe shtime (Jewish voice), Folks blat (People’s newspaper)—all in Kovno—and other periodical publications in Lithuania.  He died in the Holocaust during WWII, when the Germans exterminated Lithuanian Jewry.

Sources: Y. Mark, in Zamlbukh, lekoved dem tsvey hundert un fuftsikstn yoyvl fun der yidisher prese 1686-1936 (Anthology in honor of the 250th jubilee of the Yiddish press, 1686-1936) (New York, 1937); N. Y. Gotlib, in Lite (Lithuania) (New York, 1951), p. 1101.

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