Wednesday 14 October 2015



            He was born in a town near Minsk, Byelorussia, into a working family.  He studied in religious elementary school and in a Russian public school.  In 1898 he emigrated to London, and there he was active in the Jewish trade union and anarchist movement.  In 1906 he emigrated to the United States and for a time served as president of the jewelers’ union in New York.  He was a co-founder and contributor to the anarchist weekly newspaper, Frayhayt (Freedom) in London in 1902.  He also authored the pamphlet Anti-religyon, kritik iber religyon (Anti-religion, a critique of religion) (New York, 1915), 32 pp.  He translated: V. Tcherkezoff’s Di shpaltung tsvishn di shtaat-sotsyalistn (The rift among the state socialists) (London, 1905), 22 pp.; and K. Ilyashvili, Di tshikagoer martirer (The Chicago martyrs) (London, 1905), 44 pp.  He died in America.

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