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           He was the author three short books in Yiddish: Der royter tayvl (The red devil), “a moralistic story (after [Heinrich] Zschokke)” (Warsaw, 1909), 96 pp.; Gots kasirer (God’s treasurer), “a remarkable novel (after Zschokke)” (Warsaw, 1912), 62 pp.; and Der ashmeday, oder der shreklekher kholem (The demon king, or the horrible dream) (New York, n.d.), 41 pp.  No biographical information is known.

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  1. Efroym Domeratski did free translation from Hebrew into Yiddish of a story "Tsulieb nedan" (In the sake of the dowry)(Warsaw, 1912), 20 pp.
    צוליעב נדן : א בילד
    פון העברעאיש פרײ איבערזעצט דורך א. דאמעראצקי
    Tsulieb nedan : a bild
    fun hebreyish fray iberzetst durkh A. Domeratski