Sunday 25 October 2015


Y. L. DOLIDANSKI (1868-May 8, 1935)
            He was born in a colony in the Vilna district, and he studied in Vilna.  He published in Hamelits (The advocate), Hamagid (The preacher), Hatsvi (The gazelle), and Der yud (The Jew), among others.  He moved to England.  In 1896 he was editor of the weekly newspaper Der yidisher ekspres (The Jewish express) in Leeds.  He later lived in London where he established a daily newspaper, Der yidisher zhurnal (The Jewish journal).  In 1906 he emigrated to the United States and became a contributor to Yidishes tageblat (Jewish daily newspaper).  He wrote political articles and acquired a reputation with his notices concerning American Zionist conferences.  He translated into Yiddish a speech by Y. Zangwill on YIKO (Jewish Cultural Organization), delivered on May 16, 1903 (London, 1903), 47 pp., under the title Baron hirsh milyonen (Baron Hirsch’s millions).

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; A. R., in Hadoar (New York) (May 17, 1935).

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