Friday 5 January 2018


YOYSEF NOYMAN (b. January 20, 1905)
            He was born in Warsaw, Poland, where he graduated from high school and was a pupil in Dr. M. Vaykhert’s drama studio.  He debuted in print in 1924 with a novella in Trubadur Warszawski (Warsaw troubadour), and he later published sketches and stories in various Polish periodicals.  He also edited six issues of a monthly Młoda Sztuka (Young art).  In 1928 he helped found in Warsaw “Haḥaluts hamerkazi” (The pioneer central), later known as “Haḥaluts haklal tsiyoni” (General Zionist pioneer), in which for several years he was a member of the central committee and edited ten numbers of Haḥaluts hamerkazi in Yiddish.  In 1932 he made aliya to the land of Israel.  He worked for a time on a kibbutz, and afterward (1936-1946) he was secretary of the workers’ council of Misrad Kablani, now the Solel Boneh construction and civil engineering company.  He participated in the war of independence in 1948.  He published sketches and novellas in: Akrav (Scorpio), Ilustrirte vokhnblat (Illustrated weekly newspaper), Idishe bilder (Jewish images), Lebns-fragn (Life issues), Unzer haynt (Our today), Dos vort (The word), and Letste nayes (Latest news)—in Tel Aviv; Keneder odler (Canadian eagle) in Montreal; and Loshn un lebn (Language and life) in London; among others.  He was a contributor as well to: Yidishe shprakh (Yiddish language) in New York; Edut (Testimony) in Jerusalem; Yeda am (Folklore) in Tel Aviv.  He also authored a Hebrew-Yiddish collection entitled 100 folks-vertlekh (100 folk sayings) (Tel Aviv, 1948), 100 pp.  He was a cofounder of the YIVO association in the state of Israel.  He wrote under such pen names as: Tsigan, Khadashi, and Yot-en.  He was last living in Tel Aviv.
Benyomen Elis

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