Monday 22 January 2018


YANKEV NAYMARK (b. August 21, 1881)
            He was born in Torne (Tarnów), Galicia, into a Hassidic family.  Until age eighteen he studied in his synagogue study hall, and with a private tutor he learned German.  Early on he began to write poetry.  Over the years 1908-1911, he published poems and feature pieces in: Togblat (Daily newspaper), Yudishe arbayter (Jewish worker), and Yudishe interesante blat (Jewish interesting newspaper)—in Lemberg; Tog (Day) and Yudishe ilustrirte tsaytung (Jewish illustrated newspaper) in Cracow; Folks-fraynd (Friend of the people) in Sanok; and G. Bader and M. Frostig’s Kalendarn (Calendars) and Shapiro’s Yudishe zamlbukher (Yiddish anthologies).  From 1911 he lived on his own in the village of Kiskunhalas, southern Hungary, and there he died during WWII.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 2; Dr. M. Naygreshl and Sh. Y. Imber, in Di tsukunft (New York) (February 1950); Torne, kiem un khurbn fun a yidisher shtot (Tarnów, the existence and destruction of a Jewish city) (Tel Aviv, 1954).
Yankev Kahan

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