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ROKHL MURAVTSHIK (1885-April 9, 1953)
            The wife of Avrom-Khayim Muravtshik, she was born in Kiev, Ukraine.  She received a Jewish education and later graduated from a Russian high school.  In 1905 he moved to the United States with her husband and settled in New York.  She studied sociology at Columbia University.  She was active in the socialist movement and the Sholem-Aleykhem Public Schools.  For many years she published (also under her maiden name Belkin) articles on women’s affairs, as well as sketches built around experiences from the surrounding realities, in Varhayt (Truth) and Naye varhayt (New truth).  Thereafter, for some years (initially several times each week and toward the end every Sunday) she published her work on the women’s page in Forverts (Forward).  She also lectured on social issues for auditors at Workmen’s Circle.  She died in New York.

Sources: B. Y. B. (Byalostotski), in Yorbukh fun semeteri-department fun arbeter-ring (Annual of the Cemetery Department of the Workmen’s Circle) (New York, 1954); information from her son, Emanuel Muravtshik; and obituary notices in the Yiddish press in New York.
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