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SHMUEL BEYLIN (May 26, 1885-1959)
Born in Shtshedrin (Shchedrin), Byelorussia, he was the son of an itinerant teacher.  At age twenty, he left for Denmark and worked there in a furniture business; he also gave lessons in Yiddish and Hebrew.  He contributed to local Jewish publications: Der vokhen blat (The weekly newspaper), the first Yiddish newspaper in Scandinavia (founded in 1911), Di yudishe gezelshaft (The Jewish community) which was written in Yiddish and Danish, Kopenhagener togblat (Copenhagen daily news), and Yudishe folks-tsaytung (Jewish people’s newspaper), the last two under the editorship of Meyer Grosman.  He edited the weekly Di yugend-shtime (The voice of youth); Di kopenhagener yugend-shtime (The Copenhagen voice of youth), a progressive monthly magazine; and the humorous publications: Der groyser khoyzek (The great mockery), Di homen-klaper un der kopenhagener yungatsh (The Purim rattle and the Copenhagen rascal), and Unzer vort (Our word), which was published by the youth association “Hebrew Youth” (Haivri hatsair) (1921).  He wrote articles, human-interest pieces, poems, and theater reviews.  He was active as a lecturer, community leader, and fighter for Yiddish in Copenhagen.  He founded an acting troupe in Copenhagen.  Among his pseudonyms: Ben Avrom, Shmulik, Sar haleytsim (Captain of the clowns), Ashmeday, and Khoyzeks eynikl (grandchild of mockery), among others.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1.

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