Sunday 11 January 2015


ITSHE V. BIDERMAN (b. July 23, 1892)
Born in Grabowiec, Poland, he emigrated to the United States in 1912.  He lived for a time in Cincinnati.  From 1914 he was publishing stories, humorous pieces, and sketches in: Forverts (Forward), Tog (Day), Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal), Frayhayt (Freedom), Naye vorheyt (New truth), Vokhnshrift (Weekly writings), Kundes (Prankster), Amerikaner (The American), Kinder-zhurnal (Children’s journal), and Klivlender yidishe velt (Cleveland Jewish world).  Among his books: Shpener (Chips), a drama in four acts (New York, 1924), 64 pp.; Afn himl a yarid (A fair in heaven), five one-act plays (Warsaw, 1919), 50 pp.; Homen un zayne shotns (Haman and his shadows), a children drama (New York, 1934), 31 pp.; Sheyndl, poems (New York, 1936), 30 pp.  In 1940 he published in Morgn-zhurnal a novel entitled Berik yoselevitsh (Berik Yoselevitsh); in 1945 in Amerikaner he did the same with a historical novel, Odil kikinis.  Over the years 1930-1931, he edited Literatur-khodesh (Literary monthly (New York).  From 1926 on, he was a bookseller and publisher.  He was living in New York.

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