Sunday 4 January 2015


AVROM BYALOPOLSKI (1898-September 18, 1950).

Born in Ukraine, he studied in Kiev.  From his student days, he took part in the Zionist movement and was a leader of Dror.  Between the two world wars he was in Poland, where he followed the best known leaders of Poale-Tsiyon.  From 1940 he was in Palestine, a representative of Mapam (United Labor Party) on the Haifa workers’; council, a member of Vaad Hapoel (Zionist General Council) of the Histadrut, of Merkaz Mapam (Mapam Central), and of the Jewish World Congress.  He wrote articles for Poale-Tsiyon publications: Bafrayung (Liberation), Dos vort (The word), and Frayhayt (Freedom), all in Warsaw.

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