Monday 17 September 2018


YOYSEF FOGEL (b. 1915)
            He was born in Drohobitsh (Drohobycz).  He received a Jewish and general education.  Until WWII he was active in the Jewish section of the Community Party in Poland.  Until 1947 he lived in Russia, from 1948 in the state of Israel.  He was an active leader in the Mapam (United Workers’ Party) movement, as well as a speaker and lecturer.  His journalistic work began in 1934 in the legal and illegal leftist Yiddish press in Galicia, and he later contributed articles, stories, memoirs, essays, and book reviews to: Fray yisroel (Free Israel), Kol haam (Voice of the people), Yisroel shtime (Voice of Israel), Lebns-fragn (Life issues), Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish newspaper), Al hamishmar (On guard), Amot (Foundations), and Derekhim ḥadashim (New pathways)—in Israel; Unzer eynikeyt (Our unity) in Paris; Morgn-frayhayt (Morning freedom) in New York; and Vokhnblat (Weekly newspaper) in Toronto, among others.  He also published under such pen names as Ben-Ami.  He was last living in Tel Aviv.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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