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Y. K. FOGEL (b. 1907)
            He was born in Warsaw, Poland, and graduated from a secular Jewish school.  Until 1936 he lived in Warsaw.  He was a cofounder of the literary group “Yungvelt” (Young world) and contributed to the leftist legal and illegal Yiddish press in Poland.  Due to police repression, he left for Paris.  He was a cultural activist, mainly on the issues of the Jewish school.  He published articles in: Arbeter vort (Workers’ word) and Unzer vort (Our word), among other serials, in Paris.  Among his translations, there appeared in print: Romain Rolland, Mahatma gandi (Mahatma Gandhi [original: Mahâtmâ Gandhi], with L. Goldin (Warsaw: Kultur-lige, 1927), 166 pp.; Julian Borchardt, Vi azoy dertsien kinder on a kantshik (How to educate children without a whip [original: Wie sollen wir unsere Kinder ohne Prügel erziehen? (How shall we educate children without a thrashing?)]), with L. Vaynapel (Warsaw, 1930), 83 pp.  He was last living in Paris, an employee in a travel bureau.

Sources: See the biographies of Leybl Goldin and Leyzer Vaynapel in Leksikon fun der yidisher literatur (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish literature), translated, respectively, at: and; Y. Rapoport, in Literarishe bleter (Warsaw) 96 (1924); Biblyografye fun yidishe bikher vegn khurbn un gvure (Bibliography of Yiddish books concerning the Holocaust and heroism) (New York, 1962), see index.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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