Friday 14 September 2018


            He was born in Vengrov (Węgrów), Poland, and received a traditional Jewish education.  From his early years, he was active in the Labor Zionist movement.  For a time he was a member of the central committee of the right Labor Zionists, and as a representative of the party, he also worked in the Warsaw’s office of the Land of Israel.  He was a regular contributor to the newspaper Dos vort (The word) in Warsaw.  In book form: Harbst-shotns (Autumn shadows), sketches (Warsaw: Di tsayt, 1922), 31 pp.  During the Nazi occupation, he was confined in the Warsaw Ghetto and was involved in relief work.  He was also active in the undercover ghetto group preparing and organizing the ghetto uprising.  He was killed in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Sources: Yidishe shriftn (Lodz) (1946); M. Nayshtat, Khurbn un oyfshtand fun di yidn in varshe (Holocaust and uprising of the Jews in Warsaw) (Tel Aviv, 1948), p. 572; B. Mark, Umgekumene shrayber fun di getos un lagern (Murdered writers from the ghettos and camps) (Warsaw, 1954), p. 68; B. Kutsher, Geven amol varshe (As Warsaw once was) (Paris, 1955), see index; Dr. E. Ringelblum, Ksovim fun geto (Writings from the ghetto), vol. 2 (Vilna, 1963), p. 198.
Benyomen Elis

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