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YOYSEF FALK (December 17, 1889-1968)
            He was born in Belz, Galicia.  He studied in religious elementary school and synagogue study hall, and in his childhood years lived with his grandfather in a village and there absorbed a love of the fields and animals.  Secular subject matter he acquired on his own.  He worked as a bookkeeper for a low-level merchant.  In 1936 he made aliya to the land of Israel.  He began writing in Hebrew and German in his youth, and in 1905 he published his first sketch in German.  From 1910 he switched to Yiddish.  He debuted in print in Yiddish with a soft, lyrical poem in Folksfraynd (Friend of the people) in Sonik (Sanok).  Thereafter he published poems, sketches, stories, Hassidic and folk tales, essays on literature, and translations from Hebrew poetry (aim Naman Bialik and Avraham Ben-Yitsak, among others) and prose in: Folksfraynd, Togblat (Daily newspaper), Der morgen (The morning), Dos fraye vort (The free word), Tsushteyer (Contribution), Literarishe bleter (Literary leaves), and Yidishe tribune (Jewish tribune) in Warsaw; Nayer folksblat (New people’s newspaper) in Lodz; Tog (Day), Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal), and Tsukunft (Future) in New York; and Di goldene keyt (The golden chain), Nayvelt (New world), Folksblat (People’s newspaper), Davar (Word), and Adut haavoda (Union of labor), among others, in Israel.  He died in Tel Aviv.

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Khayim Leyb Fuks

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