Friday 14 September 2018


MENDL PSHEPYURKA (1897-September 10, 1934)
            He came from Poland.  Around 1921 he moved to Argentina where he was among the most important leaders in the left Labor Zionist party.  He was a cofounder of the Yiddish library, drama circles, and evening schools, and a teacher in Borokhov schools in Buenos Aires.  He was also the founder of the secular Jewish school in the province of Mendoza.  In 1928 he served as editor of the monthly and later weekly Dos naye vort (The new word).  He was the publisher of the Association of Polish Jews in Argentina.  He published articles on a variety of topics, satirical impressions, and miniatures in: Di prese (The press), Der shpigl (The mirror), Af der vakh (On guard), and Dos naye vort—in Buenos Aires.  After his death there appeared in book form: Mendl pshepyurka bukh (Volume for Mendl Pshepyurka) (Buenos Aires, 1930), 134 pp.  He died in Buenos Aires.

Sources: Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort in argentina (The published Yiddish word in Argentina), vol. 1 (Buenos Aires, 1941), pp. 119, 188; P. Kats, Shriftn (Buenos Aires) 8 (pp. 68-69).
Benyomen Elis

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