Friday 8 February 2019


YITSKHOK-AYZIK KAMINER (May 1834-April 5, 1901)
            He was born in Levkyev (Levkiv), near Zhitomir.  He received his medical degree from Kiev University.  He was a Hebrew poet, satirist, and journalist.  Earlier a socialist, he later became a “lover of Zion.”  He was one of the first Hebrew writers who considered it important to create a Yiddish literature.  In 1888 he sent Sholem-Aleichem a “Brief tsum heroysgeber” (Letter to the publisher) for the latter’s planned Folks-biblyotek (People’s library), published as a kind of programmed anthology, to which Kaminer contributed.  He also placed work in Linetski and Goldfaden’s Yisroelik and in M. Radkinson’s Yiddish-language Kol leam (Call to the people).  He died in Berne.

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Eliezer-Refoel Malachi

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