Monday 25 February 2019


YISROEL KAPLAN (February 25, 1876-April 10, 1926)
            He was born in Koydenev (now, Dzyarzhynsk), Byelorussia.  He was the rabbi in Srednik (Seredžius), Lithuania.  He was the first army rabbi in independent Lithuania.  He wrote mainly for Hebrew-language periodicals.  He co-edited the Mizrachi Unzer vort (Our word) in Kovno (1923-1925).  In it he published, among other items, a series of articles on Spinoza.  He died in Seredžius.

Source: Ben-Tsien Ayzenshtadt, Dor rabanav vesofrav (A generations of rabbis and authors), vol. 2 (New York, 1901), pp. 39-40.
Eliezer-Refoel Malachi

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