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DOV-BER KOSOVSKI (December 25, 1911-August 4, 1972)
            He was born in Govorove (Goworowo), Poland.  He received a traditional education.  He studied graphic art in Warsaw.  From time to time, he published humorous sketches in Yiddish newspapers in prewar Poland.  After WWII he was in Bergen-Belsen.  There he contributed to Tsum zig (To victory) in 1946, to Vokhnblat (Weekly newspaper) (1949-1950 with M. Lubliner), and to the one-off publications Der emes (The truth) in 1946 (16 pp.) and Unzer front (Our front) in 1947 (48 pp.)—both with Yitskhok Kerbl.  He also wrote for Unzer veg (Our way) in Munich and Unzer velt (Our world), and he co-edited Govorove (Goworowo), a remembrance volume (Tel Aviv, 1966), 496 pp.  He brought out the humor publication Der griner (The greenhorn) (Tel Aviv, 1952/1953).  In book form: Biblyografye fun di yidishe oysgabes in der britisher zone fun daytshland, 1945-1950 (Bibliography of the Yiddish publications in the British zone in Germany, 1945-1950) (Bergen-Belsen, 1950), 46 pp.  From 1952 he was living in Israel.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Source: Tsemaḥ Tsamriyon, Itonut shel sheerit hapelita begermanya (Press of the Jewish holocaust survivors in Germany) (Tel Aviv, 1970), see index.
Ruvn Goldberg

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