Friday 8 February 2019


TSVI-HIRSH KAMINSKI (1897-January 10, 1973)
            He was the author of stories and a journalist, born in Berdichev.  He received his doctoral degree in Paris.  He wrote stories mostly of Hassidic life in the Yiddish press in Russia, Poland, and France.  From 1963 he was living in Israel.  He contributed to Letste nayes (Latest news) and Ilustrirte vokh (Illustrated week) in Tel Aviv.  He published a volume of memoirs: Geven a mol a shtot berditshev (There was once a city, Berdichev) (Paris, 1952), 95 pp.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Sources: Der poylisher yid (New York) (April 1944); Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) January 11, 1973).
Yekhezkl Lifshits

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