Thursday 28 February 2019


G. KAPLANSKI (January 28, 1889-March 1, 1971)
            He was born in Vitebsk.  In 1912 he emigrated to Argentina.  His publishing house brought out Yiddish textbooks, among others: the first elementary booklet, Ershte bletlekh, ilustrirte alef-beys (First pages, illustrated ABCs) by B. Heler and Y. Roze (Buenos Aires, 1930-1931, 2 parts, which went through six printings; M. Alperson’s Draysik yor in argentine (Thirty years in Argentina); and Y. Y. Zinger’s (I. J. Singer), Yoshe kalb (Yoshe Kalb); among others.  He died in Buenos Aires.
Yoysef Horn

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