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MESHULEM KAMINER (18860October 14, 1941)
            A journalist and editor, he was born in Warsaw.  He was a leader of Agudat Yisrael in Poland.  From 1931 until September 1939, he was one of the heads of the Jewish community in Warsaw.  In the ghetto, he was a member of the Judenrat (Jewish Council).  Over the years 1925-1930, he served as editor of the Orthodox Der yud (The Jew), which initially was a weekly newspaper and later became a daily.  His writings include: Di yudishe geshikhte loyt di mesoyre (Jewish history according to tradition) (Warsaw, from 1925), 7 vols.  His translations: Dr. M. Lehman, Foroysgezehen, a vunderbare emese dertsehlung fun yudishen leben (Premonition, a wonderful, true story from Jewish life) (Warsaw, 1927), 134 pp.; Samson Raphäel Hirsch, Kaboles hatoyre (The reception of the Torah) (Warsaw, 1926), 32 pp.; Khamesh megiles (The five scrolls) (Warsaw, 1926/1927), 4 vols.; Hagode shel peysekh (The Haggadah for Passover) (Warsaw: Hakhinukh, 1927), 63 pp.; Di ershte melokhim bay yuden, yudishe geshikhte loyt der toyre (The first kings of the Jews, Jewish history following the Torah) (Jerusalem, 1946/1947), 105 pp.  He died in Warsaw.

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Yekhezkl Lifshits

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