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LEYVI KAPLAN (b. 1887)
            He was born in Stepyen, Volhynia, with the surname Krepl—in Argentina, Kreplyak.  He had come to Argentina prior to 1914.  He wrote articles in Argentina’s Tog (Day), poems and stories in Kolonist (Colonist) in Mozesville and Di idishe tsaytung (The Jewish newspaper) in Buenos Aires.  He later made his way to Philadelphia.  In book form: A nayer oyrn-koydesh, a dertseylung in 3 teylen un 24 kapitlakh (A new Holy Ark, a story in three parts and 24 chapters) (n.p., n.d.), 47 pp.; Farreter, vonderlekhe interesante un shpanende geshikhtes fun farreter un farrat in tsvey teyln mit humor un satire (Traitors, wonderful, interesting, and exciting stories of traitors and treason in two parts with humor and satire) (Philadelphia, 1955), 62 pp.; Guzmes un guzmes (Exaggerations) (New York, 1951), 135 pp.; Respekt far di ayrishe, geshikhtes fun a vunderlekh folk mit humor and satire (Respect for the Irish, stories of a wonderful people with humor and satire) (Philadelphia, 1955), 99 pp.; Motivn fun gezang (Song motifs).  He also wrote under the pen name Rebe Loyve.

Source: Autobiographical notes.
Yekhezkl Lifshits

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