Thursday 24 April 2014


ZELIK (ZELIG) OBERMAN (b. December 1873)

Born in Warsaw; raised by his grandparents Naftali and Chava Oberman.  Studied in religious schools and later by himself in a synagogue study hall.  Married at age seventeen in Lublin; in late 1890 he left for Kraków, later for Vienna, and from there to London in 1896.  He worked as a wood-cutter and later a manufacturer.  He served as a religious community leader responsible for Jewish education.  Around 1941 he withdrew from his business and began to write his memoirs.  His book, In mayne teg (In my days) (London, 1947, 224 pp.), was a contribution to research on Jewish life in Poland and especially in Warsaw at the end of the nineteenth century, and on Jewish immigration to London at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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