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ZEV ABRAMOVITS (ZE’EV ABRAMOWICH) (December 16, 1891-April 2, 1970)
Born in Maryupol [Ukraine], studied in a professional school.  From 1922 he was in the Land of Israel.  He was a specialist in issues of statistical economics concerned with the lives of Jewish laborers in Israel.  He was connected with the left Poalei Tsiyon.  He began writing in 1915 as a contributor to the left Poalei Tsiyon (Labor Zionist) press.  He published articles in Arbeter tsaytung (Workers newspaper, Warsaw), Nay velt (New world, Tel Aviv), and periodicals associated with the left Poalei Tsiyon.  He also contributed to Al hamishmar (On guard), Hashutaf (The partner), and others.  His memoirs of many years of administrative activities with the left Labor Zionists were published in Besherut hatenua (In the service of the movement) (Tel Aviv, 1965), 430 pp.  He was living in Israel until his death in Tel Aviv.

Sources: D. Tidhar, Entsiklopedyah hachalutse hayishuv uvonav (Encyclopedia of the pioneers and builders of the yishuv) (Tel Aviv, 1947-1971), vol. 4, pp. 1840-41; Zeev abramovits umorashato (Ze’ev Abramowich and his heritage) (Tel Aviv, 1971), 505 pp.; Shures poyle-tsien (Ranks of Labor Zionism), Shloyme Shvaytser (Shlomo Schweizer) (Tel Aviv, 1981).

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