Tuesday 29 April 2014


Author of a correspondence in Kol mevaser of 1869 (no. 39) under the name “Simchat torah.”  He portrayed here in a Maskilic manner a town N, on the Dnieper River, on the day of Simchat Torah.  He was also the author of a booklet concerning Goldfaden’s theater, Bamat yishchak, o ge-chizayon: bekoret me’et haroeh avram hagershoni levene kehat (On the theatrical stage: an inquiry from the spectator Avram the Gershonite to the Jewish people) (published in Romania in either 1877 or 1878), 30 pp.  This was the first booklet concerned with the Yiddish theater, written and published at a time when that theater was just founded Romania.  It thus has a historical value.

Z. Zilbertsvayg, Teater-leksikon, vol. 1 (with a bibliography).

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