Tuesday 22 April 2014


S. ABEL (1871-March 2, 1925)
Born in Plungian (Plungė), Lithuania.  Coming to the United States in 1892, he initially settled in Baltimore and two years later moved to New York.  He was active as a Zionist, Hebrew writer, and editor of Dos yidishe folk (The Jewish people), the Yiddish organ of the Zionist Organization in America.  Among his books written in New York: Kongres-reden (Congress speeches) of Dr. Theodor Herzl, “translated from German” (New York, 1918), 44 pp.

Source: L. Kusman, in Dos yidishe folk (New York), March 13, 1925); M. Rotnberg, ibid.; Hadoar (obituary), March 6, 1925.

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