Sunday 20 April 2014


ALEK ABUGOV (1913-May 22, 1977)

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, he grew up in Krivorog.  He was by trade a locksmith, later a teacher.  After army service, he studied physical education and became a fencing instructor.  In June 1941 he was drafted into the Red Army, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel.  After being captured by the Germans, he escaped into the forests, where he met up with other Red Army escapees.  Together they formed a partisan band.  In the forests, he met Jews fleeing the ghettos of Sarnik and Dombrovitsa.  They formed a partisan unit, and he fought with them until the battle of February 1944 to liberate Rovno.  There he was reunited with the Red Army.  He received various medals from the Soviet government after the war, and in 1949 emigrated to Israel with his family.  He authored a major work, Mayn partizaner-veg (My life among the partisans), a portion of which was published in Farn folk (For the people) (Rome, 1948).


Abukov, seated on right

Source: (with the help of Joseph Galron-Goldschläger).

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