Thursday 24 April 2014


He published poems in the Soviet Yiddish press and in the literary collection Shloglerishe trit (Shock-work steps), under the editorship of Maks Erik and Y. Serebriani with an introduction by the latter (Minsk, 1932), 108 pp.  His biography and fate are unknown.

Sources: N. Kabakov, “Mit shloglerishe trit” (With shock-work steps), in the daily newspaper Oktyaber (October) (Minsk), no. 81 (1932); Kh. Dunyets, “Der arbiter-shlogler hot a vort” (The working shock-troop has something to say), Oktyabr (Minsk), nos. 158, 160; reprinted in Yunger arbiter (Young worker) (Minsk), no. 23 (1932).

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