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He came from Russia to Lodz in 1906 and was active in the circle around Iskra (Spark).  From 1908 he wrote short feature pieces and scholarly articles for Lodzer nakhrikhtn (Lodz news, under the editorship of Y. Uger).  After the failed 1905 Revolution, he became more nationalistically disposed and approached the Poalei Tsiyon and Zionist socialist circles.  This was expressed in articles and papers which he published in Drame un muzik (Drama and music), Dramatishe kunst (Dramatic art), and other serials in Lodz.  By virtue of a recommendation from Lazar Kahan, he became the editor of Tshenstokhover tageglat (Tshenstokhov daily news, January 1-June 3, 1914).  He published there: editorials, short features, and works concerned with Jewish themes under such names as Yoysef A-n, A-n, and the like.  Especially worthy of note were his writings on educational issues.  He came out publicly in these with the solution of a school with Yiddish as the language of instruction.  He was also one of the principal lecturers at the “Lira” in Tshenstokhov (Czestochowa).  When the war broke out in 1914, because of his articles against the Germans, he had immediately to leave Tshenstokhov and departed with the Russian military.  He would likely have been executed in 1937 during the purges in Soviet Russia.

Source: A. Khrovolovski, Tshenstokhover yidn (Jews of Tshenstokhov) (New York, 1947), p. 96.

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