Thursday 24 April 2014


BERL (BORIS) ABRAMOVITSH (b. 1893 or 1894)

Born in Grodno.  His father was a scribe.  He was a teacher and an activist in the Yiddish school movement.  He served as manager of the Grodno orphanage, and later spent many years as business manager of the Grodno “Toz” [Towarzystwo Ochrony Zdrowia (Society for the protection of health)], concerning which he wrote In dinst der ideye fun gezunt-shuts un kinder-farzorgung: 10 yor “Toz” in Grodne (In service of the idea of health protection and children’s welfare: Ten years of “Toz” in Grodno), with a detailed, scientific introduction by Dr. Avrom Lipnik (Grodno: “Toz,” 1935), 198 pp.  His subsequent career is unknown.

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