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            He was born in Surazh, Chernigov district, Ukraine, where his father Mortkhe was a rabbinical judge.  He lived in Chernigov, Kovno, and Warsaw.  He worked as a Yiddish and Hebrew teacher, a preacher, and an early Zionist.  He was the author of: Sefer derekh avot (Seyfer derekh oves [On the path of the patriarchs]), “the path of our fathers since the patriarch Abraham” (Warsaw, 1892), 72 pp. (in Hebrew and Yiddish); Sefer derekh emet (Seyfer derekh emes [On the path of truth]), “a truthful path, the Jewish way from Egypt to the land of Israel, divided into two parts; the first shows the way from Egypt to the land of Israel, and the second describes the frontiers of the land of Israel” (Warsaw, 1894), 112 pp., with drawings and maps, also with a poem and a preface in Hebrew; Geografye fun erets yisroel (Geography of the land of Israel) (Warsaw, 1897), 36 pp., which appeared in several editions, the final one being: (Warsaw, 1911).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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