Friday 25 January 2019


YISROEL KAGAN (February 8, 1892-Fecember 8, 1958)
            He was born in Goniądz, Bialystok region, Poland.  He came to the United States in his youth.  He was a frequent contributor to Byalistoker shtime (Voice of Bialystok) in New York, in which he published an autobiographical novel, In unzer lebn (In our life), which describes the Jewish emigration from Bialystok to America, 1900-1950.  He died in New York.

Sources: D. Sohn, in Byalistoker shtime (New York) (September-October 1938; January-February 1949; January-February 1952).
Yekhezkl Lifshits

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