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            He was a journalist and editor who published articles in the press in the first half of the 1930s. He authored journalistic works dedicated to the topic of the Jewish village. He served as co-editor of the monthly Bahershn di tekhnik fun der sotsyalistisher landvirtshaftlekher produktsye (Mastering the technique of socialist agricultural production) (Kharkov, 1932-1934) and of the anthology Shlakhtn (Battles) in Kharkov (1932-1934). He was later chairman of the Stalindorf district executive committee, Dnepropetrovsk region. His name disappeared in the latter half of the 1930s, when the mass purges of leading figures commenced. His works include: In kamf farn organizatsyonel-virtshaftlekhn farfestikn di kolvirtn (In the struggle for organizational-economic strengthening of the collective farms) (Kharkov-Kiev: Ukrainian State Publishers for National Minorities, 1932), 49 pp.; 5 yor stalindorfer rayon (Five years of Stalindorf district) (Moscow: Emes, 1935), 116 pp., also in Russian (1935).

Source: Chone Shmeruk, comp., Pirsumim yehudiim babrit-hamoatsot, 1917-1961 (Jewish publications in the Soviet Union, 1917-1961) (Jerusalem, 1962), see index.

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