Thursday 31 January 2019


            He was a journalist, born in Marianpol, Lithuania.  He graduated from the Hebrew teachers’ seminary in Kovno.  He worked as a teacher in Marianpol and from 1936 in Mexico City.  He contributed work to Mexico City’s Di shtime (The voice) and Dos vort (The word) of which he was also editor, and also of Der veg (The way), among other serials.  He also wrote a great deal for Yorbukh fun der yidisher shul (Yearbook of the Jewish school).  He published: Rayze minyaturn, fun a bazukh in medines yisroel in friling fun 1958 (Narratives of a voyage to the land of Israel in the spring of 1958) (Mexico City, 1958), 34 pp.

Sources: L. Forem, Boyer fun a yishev (Builder of a community) (Mexico City, 1947), p. 89; Y. Vinyetski, in Der veg (February 22, 1958; March 4, 1958); Solomon Kahan, Literarishe un zhurnalistishe fartsaykhenungen (Literary and journalistic notes) (Mexico City, 1961), pp. 329-34.
Moyshe Rubinshteyn

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