Monday 21 January 2019


            She belonged to the Kovno writers’ group “Mir aleyn” (Us alone).  She wrote popular poetry.  In book form: Tsu zogn un tsu zingen, 1935-1937 (To say and to sing, 1935-1937) (Kovno: S. Yoselevitsh, 1938), 93 pp.; Fun vig tsu vig, tsveyte lider bukh (From cradle to cradle, second poetry book) (Kovno, 1939), 97 pp.).  She was killed in the years of WWII.  Further biographical detail remain unknown

Sources: Avrom Reyzen, in Di feder (New York) (1939); Lite (Lithuania), anthology, vol. 1 (New York, 1951), p. 1006.
Leyb Vaserman

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