Monday 28 January 2019


            He published numerous articles in Kol mevaser (Herald) on education, essays on popular science, and biographies of well-known Jewish personalities.  He came out against having “virtually everything devoted solely to teaching boys” while abandoning education for girls (issue 44, 1863).  He called for reforming education in the religious elementary schools and “not twisting the young heads with quibbling” (issue 42, 1864).  He also proposed “study in religious primary school of grammar, Tanakh, electricity, and logic” and how to write “a letter and an account” (issue 16, 1865).  He wrote biographies of Solomon Molcho, Markus Jost, Menashe ben Israel, Don Isaac Abarbanel, and others.  He also wrote under the pen name Ish Ploni Vekohen.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 3.
Berl Cohen

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