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            He was born in Jerusalem.  His father, Elye Cohen, was a cofounder of the neighborhood known as Achva, of the Bikur Ḥolim Hospital, and of the Etz Hayim Talmud Torah where he also worked as a school teacher.  In his youth the son earned a formidable reputation as a Hebrew grammarian.  He was later a contributor to the Hebrew and Yiddish press in Jerusalem—Ḥavatselet (Daffodil), Hashkafa (Outlook), and the like.  He served as editor of Shulamis (Shulamith), “a Jerusalem Jewish weekly newspaper, unaligned with any group,” issues 1 through 11 (1911) in Jerusalem (published by Kh. Goldberg).  Aside from his articles in the newspaper, Cohen also published a Yiddish translation of Avraham-Shalom Fridberg’s “Emek haarazim” (Cedar Valley), entitled “Der tseder-tol.”  He also wrote using the pen name “Eḥad Hayerushalmim.”

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Khayim Leyb Fuks

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