Monday 23 January 2017


SHOLEM KATZ (1890-1941)
            He was born in Verbitshine (Verzhbitse, Radom district?), Poland.  He studied in religious primary school and later with his father.  After WWI he emigrated to Canada.  He lived in Toronto where he was a regular commentator in Idisher zhurnal (Jewish journal).  From the early 1930s he published articles and stories in: Der amerikaner (The American), Nyu yorker vokhnblat (New York weekly newspaper), and Di prese (The press)—in New York.  In book form: Fun folksmoyl (From the mouth of the people), a collection of 1000 Yiddish sayings (Toronto, 1940), 96 pp.  He died in Toronto.

Sources: Obituary notices in Di feder (New York, 1942); Z. Vaynper, in Di feder (1945), pp. 151-52.
Borekh Tshubinski

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