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            He came from Bucharest, Romania.  He was active in the Ḥibat Tsiyon (Love of Zion) movement in Romania.  He supported himself with occasional earnings and by selling his religious works.  Among his best known Yiddish-language books: Seyfer rayen hanisgov (On the idea of the sublime), “a religious and political conversation concerning the idea of settling the land of Israel, divided into two parts, the first is called ‘The Light of Morning and the Occurrence of the Day’ (a day’s passing) and the second part is called ‘Vision of the Night’ (including one night’s passing)” (Bucharest, 1882), 80 pp.; Seyfer divre nekhumim (Words of consolation), “a religious and political conversation…on the idea of settling the land of Israel” (Bucharest, 1883), 72 pp.  These two short books were written in dialogue format.  Biographical information remains unknown.

Source: Dr. Israel Klausner, Ḥibat tsiyon beromaniya (Love of Zion in Romania) (Jerusalem, 1958), pp. 169-73.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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