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AVROM KHOMET (ABRAHAM CHOMET) (December 26, 1892-September 25, 1978)
            He was born in Torne (Tarnów), western Galicia.  Until 1923 he was active in the Labor Zionist party, and later he worked with the general Zionist movement.  He was Zionist representative in the city council and (1938-1939) the head of the Jewish community council in Torne.  When the Germans entered the city, he fled to Russia, returning to Poland in 1946.  He later lived for a time in Paris and from 1948 in Israel.  His writing activities began with Arbeter-tsaytung (Workers’ newspaper) in Warsaw, to which he contributed over the years 1919-1921.  Then, after the split among the Labor Zionists in Poland, he founded and edited Dos arbeter-vort (The worker’s word) in Cracow in 1921.  He was later lead contributor and editor of the Polish weekly newspaper Tygodnik żydowski (Jewish weekly) and its Yiddish supplement Yudish vokhnblat (Jewish weekly newspaper) in Torne (1928-1939).  He also placed work in the Zionist daily Nowy Dziennik (New daily) in Cracow (1931-1939).  He edited the jubilee volume (in Polish) commemorating fifty years of Zionism in Torne; and the Yiddish memorial volume, Torne, kiem un khurbn fun a yidisher shtot (Tarnów, the existence and destruction of a Jewish city) (Tel Aviv, 1954), 928 pp., for which he wrote six long works concerning various aspects of the lives of Jews in Torne.  In Israel he lived in Tel Aviv.

Sources: Dr. Sh. Shtendik, in Yudish vokhnblat (Tarnów) (June 1, 1934); D. Leybl, in Nayvelt (Tel Aviv) (November 26, 1954; December 3, 1954); A. V. Yasni, in Letste nayes (Tel Aviv) (December 17, 1954); B. Ts. Tsangen, in Nowiny Poranny (Tel Aviv) (January 20, 1956).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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